Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Just so you know, Liam and I (Olivia) will be signing our names (or initials) at the end of our posts just to avoid confusion..... -Olivia

The Idea

Dear Friends and Family, I would like to ask all of you to join the "30 Day Drawing Challenge". Basically, the idea of this blog is that over a span of approximately 30 days, you will draw 30 pictures, which should take about an hour each, give or take depending on how serious an artist you are. Each drawing should be something that you are proud of, or feel as though it's the best you can possibly do, so don't give up on your drawing if your not loving it halfway through.

Below, there is a list of what to draw on each day, if for some reason that doesn't work or you can't see the list, there is also a link. 

Finally, if you don't think your artistic talents are amazing, that's what the challenge is for, it's to improve your artistic ability! However, we ask that there will be no harsh/rude comments on other peoples' work. This is a safe environment. 

The reason we are starting a blog about it, so that when we're done, we can put the pictures together and make a huge piece of amazing art. Invite your friends to join in, don't forget to look at other people's work, work hard, and make sure you have fun with it! 

NOTE: Please put the day and what you are drawing somewhere in your picture. That's partially for the organizational aspect of the blog, and partially just so everyone knows what your drawing. [for instance "something you miss" (day 22) may seem similar to "Turning point in your life" (day 11) or "Favorite place" (day 4)].

ALSO: To contact us, or submit your drawings (all 30 of them at a time please to avoid confusion, and so we can give credit to you) please email us at . You can chose to submit your pictures anonymously, to do that please email them, and just specify that you don't want your name to be added.